How To Get More People In The Store: 
Successful Retail Store Owners' Secrets Revealed
I am so glad I started using this proximity marketing technology (beacon) for my store. This has been a game changer for our bottom line.

In the short amount of time we have been using it, we managed to increase our in store traffic by 30%. 

Can you imagine how many people it would take to invite everyone that walks close by my store to come in? 

Now, with this beacon, I show my ad to people who are in proximity of my store and constantly bring in new customers to the store

If you’re on the fence about using the proximity beacon, you should try it, I wish I had this technology years ago, it has been a complete game changer for our store. 
3 Huge Reasons You Need This
Automatically promote your business on nearby phones and laptops
Unlimited broadcasting included in low monthly fee
Set your location to anywhere in the world
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